A New Day is Dawning in Michigan

Wanted: Governor for the Great State of Michigan

Job Description and Qualifications: A governor is the chief executive of a state, similarly to how the president is the chief executive of the country. Specific duties for governors are defined by each state's constitution, but commonly, they sign bills into law, propose budgets, and see that state agencies are staffed and operating as directed by law. Also, a governor is the commander of his or her state's national guard.

Candidates for Governor must:

Have lived in the United States for at least 5 years
Have lived in Michigan for at least 2 years
Be at least 30 years of age
Not hold another elected State or Federal office while they serve as Governor

Candidates for Governor should:

Be of good moral character
Show a record of common sense decision making
Have private-sector leadership experience of some kind
Possess a good understanding of the challenges facing Michigan
Present common sense solutions to restore Michigan
Be a leader of influence and work well with others

CANDIDATE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS- Click to see Candidate responses.

How did you tell your wife you wanted to run for Governor and what does she think about your campaign?

What was your favorite job and why?

Describe a time you stood up for what you believe in and it cost you something politically. What happened, how did you respond, what was the outcome?

Describe a time you had to lead in a crisis. What happened, how did you respond, what was the outcome?

How, specifically, will you demonstrate your support for the 10th Amendment?

If you could only pass one bill during your first term, what specifically would it say?

Policy Questions on issues including taxes, business, abortion and education.

When your time in office is done, what will you want people to say about you?

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